SETI costs significantly less than Congress

December 13th, 2012

I received this today via email and thought it was worth reproducing in my blog. I certainly think Seti at Home is a worthwhile endeavor and it deserves our attention and support.

Seti At Home Logo

Seti At Home Logo

Winter 2012

Dear SETI@home Volunteer:In 2012, Americans spent more than $6 billion on political campaigns. (That’s 15,000times the annual SETI@home budget). And during the presidential campaign, none of the candidates mentioned SETI@home even once.

That’s OK. We understand that SETI isn’t a federal priority, and that no flood of federal dollars will be headed our way. But we hope that we’re still one of your priorities. SETI@home and the rest of the Berkeley SETI projects depend on your donations in order to keep going.

If you’ve already donated this fall, we thank you. If you haven’t, or if you liked the process so much you’d do it again, please consider making a donation by going to this link:

We promise we won’t spend it on commercials.

– Eric Korpela, SETI@home Project Scientist

The University of California is a nonprofit educational and research organization governed by the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax deductible for residents of the United States and Canada.

SETI@home respects your privacy. E-mail addresses are not shared with any other organization. If you do not wish to receive further e-mails from SETI@home, you can automatically “opt-out” by following the link:


John W. Wagner is back with two children books about the childhood of Nikola Tesla

October 30th, 2010

Teacher John W. Wagner is back with two excellent books. One about  Nikola Tesla Early childhood, titled “Nikko and Macak the Electric Cat”, and other on his later childhood titled “Nikko Superboy Inventor”. I have read both books and highly recommend them. The first book comes with a CD. It is actually an audio book as well as a regular book. These books are beautifully illustrated.

Both books are endorsed by the late  Margaret Cheney, author of Tesla, Man Out of Time

I recommend you pick up one of each and give it as a gift to a child or donate them to your public library.

Here is the link to professor wagner’s website where you can order them.

** The books are not available at only at the website.

Update: Google did not buy

September 17th, 2009

Google did not buy Yesterday, I visited that page and found this;

This information was kindly confirmed via email by Mr. John Galatea who was the VP of Sales and Marketing. They were simply redirecting to when they closed the company.

They are selling the IP, (Intellectual property) code, patent, data, domain and trademarks. Basically the entire search engine. They also have a skeleton crew of engineers who can assist in any transfers of knowledge.

Do visit the page, watch the youtube video and download the pdf with the detailed information of the IP

Anybody interested?, Microsoft Bing, Google, Yahoo, Ask, are you listening?

Google buys

August 15th, 2009

A few days ago while searching for something, I went to and surprise, surprise!!, it now redirects to Apparently, has bought One down, many to go….. I liked the searchme interface, I hope Google integrates it in its offering. Long live the King!!.

New Search Engines challenge the King

July 17th, 2009

Competition in the search engine market is heating up. New entries in the search engine market are an excellent development, and one that makes consumers (users) the ultimate winners.

I will not review any of them here, What I will do is just give you a little snipet of each one. My recommendation is that you do visit and try them and find out what they offer.

Here they are in no particular order;

1.- Bing: by Microsoft (Not a search engine, but a decision engine. (Hear that Google?) I like Bing, the name is catchy the results are good, the video preview and the interface are cool. Good work Microsoft! Time will tell if it becomes a major contender. It’s too soon to judge.

2.- Collecta (Beta): See this page for a quick explanation of the interface. This is what they call a live (as in happening right now) search engine. Do check it out, and comment your experiences. I have found it to be very good so far. For example; a few minutes ago I checked what had happened with the space shuttle Endeavor, and it gave me excellent results.

3. Searchme: The first visual search engine. As described in their “About page”, “Searchme lets you see what you’re searching for. As you start typing, categories appear that relate to your query. Choose a category, and you’ll see pictures of web pages that answer your search. You can review these pages quickly to find just the information you’re looking for, before you click through.” Intrigued?, so was I… Try it out here

4. (not a search engine, but a computational knowledge engine). I think this one is best for scientific and analytic minds. If you want to understand what it offers, a great place to start is Stephen Wolfram Introduction: you should also check out the one page summary, right here: The home page is full of examples; try them and you will get the hang of it.

They are very good at taking suggestions. If you think you can feed it useful and valuable knowledge, use the feedback form in the home page. I did and they listened. While testing WA, I entered the acronym GIGO and it gave me no result. Well, all of us computer people know that stands for Garbage in, Garbage out. I let them know and they included it. Try it!

It is going to take a lot to dethrone Google as the search engine king, but it is surely a lot of fun to see the search engine market segment evolve rapidly, enrich its feature sets and adjust to consumer demands.

Google is obviously taking notice of any development in this area and is evolving with its constant flow of new features and services. The Googlers are relentless, they come up with ideas left and right.

Do you want more fun? then check; Googlelabs

Want to see a cool new feature? Try Google Squared please, note that this is an experimental feature…

more will come on the search engine theme…

Nikola Tesla, 1856-1943. A forgotten American Scientist. The Man who invented Tomorrow.

July 10th, 2009

I am an admirer of the achievements of this great scientist, who has been largely forgotten by history. A few years ago, while searching on the web for information on Nikola Tesla, I found what I think is one of the best Tesla themed web sites in the internet; This site is run by John W. Wagner, an extraordinary american teacher. I recommend this site to anyone looking to find information about Nikola Tesla, the real inventor of the Radio (No, not Marconi), The AC Polyphase Transmission, and the AC motor. (No, not Thomas Edison).

I could not possibly improve on Teacher Wagner’s work, nor on the contribution he along with his students have made to honor and clear some misconceptions about this remarkable scientist. What I can do, is recommend that you visit the site and help him and his students by purchasing the wonderful T-Shirts of their own design that they sell in order to collect money to continue donating Tesla Busts to major American Universities.

You need to visit the site and read it through to understand and appreciate it. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Teacher Wagner and Students, I am proud of you!. Keep up the good work!

Save the planet, Save Energy

July 3rd, 2009

Regardless of believing global warming is real, or that it is a fabrication of some sinister mind that wants to get rich by selling everybody green stuff, I think helping reduce energy consumption is a good idea.

Here are a few things you could do right away to save electrical energy:

.- Turn off that TV that nobody is watching!.

.- Turn off the light in the empty room.

.- Install photo cell equiped reflectors and lamps outside of your home. They will turn on at dusk, turn off at dawn automatically. (No programming needed, no battery needed).

.- Install a timer in your electric water heater, or better yet replace it with an “On demmand” water heater such as; These are also referred as “Tankless” water heaters. Click Here for more info.

.- Run the dishwasher only when it is full.

.- Don’t wash just your favorite socks and pants. Do a full load.

.- Of course, use the clothes dryer with a full load. No, a pair of sneakers you need to impress your girl friend are *Not* a full load. (Teenagers, are you understanding this?).

.- Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL’s), if you don’t know them yet here is a good place to start:

.- Use LED lamps whevener possible. LED Lamps last even longer that CFLs. They are still in development so prices are high. Right now they are feasible for lighing areas where not much light is needed, (One of its disavantages). In time prices will go down, and power (Lumen output) will increase. Definitely one cool lighting technology to watch. More Here.

.- Replace the air conditioner filter regularly.

.- Insulate your home (meaning, roof, windows, doors, walls).

.- Turn off the ceiling fan in an empty room.

.- Set the thermostat to the highest possible temperature you could tolerate without going insane.

.- Set the heater to the lowest possible temperature you could tolerate without freezing.

.- Install a programmable Thermostat, take the time to program it correctly.

.- Replace old appliances with newer more efficient ones.

.- Replace Magnetic Fluorescent Ballasts with Electronic Ballasts, go here for more info and here for a place to buy them cheap.

To save money on gasoline there are also a few things you can do:

.- Don’t haul in your car or van 2,000 pounds of toys and stuff you may need in case of… just carry the essentials.

.- Don’t carry all the 5,000 pounds of tools you own in the back of the car or van, if you break down, just have the essentials. Or are you going to rebuild that engine in the middle of the interstate?. Be practical!, Just call AAA.

.- Service your car regularly as recommended by the manufacturer (Yes, Oil and filters).

.- Keep the correct tire pressure, on all 4 tires.

.- Don’t run your car with the same set of spark plugs for 450,000.00 miles. Check the manufacturer’s recomendation and have them replaced when needed.

.- Don’t drive with sudden starts and stops, as if you were participating in a drag race.

.- Don’t accellerate unnecessarily when in a stop and with the engine idling, this applies mostly to stick shift cars and guys in big motorcycles showing off their big engines and small brains.

.- Respect speed limits, and use cruise control whenever possible.

If you want more info and energy saving ideas you can find it here in the Department of Energy Website. This site is filled with excellent tips and info and it is kept up to date.

More on this topic soon…

Frequently Visited Sites

July 2nd, 2009

A few sites I visit frequently and why I do;


Terrific up to date info on the gadgets I love. These guys are on top of happennings on the gadget world!


For those of us who don’t like rebates, here these guys post terrific sales on all kind of electronic and computer gear.


Great offers on computer and electronic stuff. Visit for everything else not listed in

Refdesk: Check it out, just a terrific website. Links to many other useful sites. My kudos to Mr. Bob Drudge for maintaining it for us to use and enjoy.

Donate here:


News on all the stuff I love; Nanotechnology, Physics, Space and Earth, Electronics, Technology Chemistry, Biology, Medicine and health, and of course, other sciences. Subscribe to their daily newsletter, definitely worth the time, if any of the above interests you.

More will come soon…